Why Use a Hypochlorous Acid Hand Sanitiser?

Hypochlorous Acid (also called HOCl) is a powerful naturally-occurring disinfectant that is also increasingly used as a hand sanitiser. There are a number of reasons why hypochlorous acid is effective to use as a hand sanitiser, we explore these in our latest article.

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Kills effectively

A major benefit of hypochlorous acid is that it kills all kinds of microorganisms upon contact. This includes viruses, bacteria, other pathogens, mould, and fungi amongst other harmful organisms, that are invisible to the naked eye.

Killing instantly upon contact is critically important as it denies the chance for microorganism regeneration. Some hand sanitisers can take ten+ minutes to work, which gives a chance for microorganisms to re-establish themselves.

Harmful chemicals Free

Of course, hypochlorous acid is a chemical, but importantly it is a non-harmful one. At its simplest, HOCl is electrolysed water with added chlorine. HOCl is 100% natural and is produced by the white blood cells of humans and other animals as the first line of defence against various invading micro-organisms.

Many alcohol-based hand sanitisers include harmful chemicals such as ethanol, propanol, and triclosan.

There are significant environmental benefits to using HOCl. There is no residue, it is safe to store and if leaked into the water table will not create contamination affecting water supplies and aquatic life. Additionally, HOCl is palm oil free, which is reassuring to know as palm oil production is responsible for significant deforestation globally.

Safer to use

No rinsing is required with HOCl and there is no stripping of skin layers, which chemicals in some hand sanitisers can cause to happen (especially with regular use).

HOCl is safe to store, even in bulk, a major reason for this is that HOCl is non-flammable, unlike other hand sanitisers.

HOCl is absolutely safe to drink. Contrast this to bleach as an example, which has been used in many suicides and also accidental deaths in children. Most alcohol-based hand sanitisers are entirely toxic to drink, even in very small quantities.

Use HOCl with absolutely no need for PPE, it’s entirely safe on all areas of the body and for burns/wound treatment as well as ingestion.


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Start Using Hypochlorous Acid from Coler Medical PPE

If you are not already using hypochlorous acid, then what are you waiting for? The reasons above provide a variety of reasons why HOCl should be a part of any business or private residence weaponry.

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