Why Choose an Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Rather than a Manual Version?

It has been recognised for decades that hand hygiene is important for protection from viruses, bacteria, moulds, and other pathogens. Parents of all ages have told their children to “wash their hands before tea” and after using the toilet, etc.,

In more recent years, hand sanitisers have become available as a useful back up and ally to washing hands with water. Various models of hand sanitiser dispensers have emerged, these can broadly be grouped into “Automatic” and “Manual” versions. Listed below are some of the main advantages of using automatic vs manual Hand Sanitiser Dispensers.

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Further reduces infection risk

Although manual dispensers undoubtedly reduce infection risk, when moving to an automatic model the infection risk is improved. The reasons why infection risk is reduced is summarised below. Ultimately though as well as being a humanitarian act, reduced infections reduce staff absence, and makes for a happier and healthier workplace.


They are automatic, meaning that sanitiser is dispensed automatically and without touch. The user does not have to find a button to press. The sensor realises when their hands are in place and safely and efficiently dispenses a batch of sanitiser.


They are automatic, but also contact-free (or contactless). Whether the dispenser is wall-mounted or freestanding there is no need to contact the dispenser to receive a dose of sanitiser. This in itself eliminates infection risk from the surface of the dispenser.

Ease of use

Associated with being automatic, touchless sanitisers are also extremely easy to use. No instructions are necessary, and they are also disability-friendly.

Standardised dose

Another advantage is that a standardised dose is dispensed. This is ideal, as users get enough sanitiser, but not too much! Where a manual sanitiser is used many users are abusive and are prone to use costly and excessive amounts of sanitiser.

Speed of delivery

The sensors release the sanitiser directly into the user’s hands, this maximises sanitiser usage and reduces mess. This is also a speedy method of dispensing sanitiser and is achieved “on the fly” without the user having to stop, they can just carry on walking.

Shows consideration

Having an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser available shows consideration for the health of users (employees, customers, suppliers, visitors, etc.) They show you care and help to create a positive impression about the organisation. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, it is vital to demonstrate care for health and safety.

Buying Hand Dispensers from Coler Medical PPE

Whether you wish to buy automatic or manual hand sanitiser dispensers, Coler Medical PPE is a wise choice. We are also a wonderful place to buy high-quality hypochlorous acid to fill your dispensers. View our range online at our shop. For additional questions, call Coler on +44 (0) 1827 794 294 or send an email to info@colermedical-ppe.co.uk. We will also quickly respond to completed contact forms.