Why buy from Coler medical PPE?

At Coler Medical we pride ourselves on only supplying the best quality medical PPE around, every single piece of PPE is 100% inspected in a quality-controlled laboratory and conforms to all CE certification standards. We have had a relationship for over 20 years with our supplier which has allowed us to become a top distributor for PPE since the Coronavirus outbreak back in December. This experience gives us nothing but the highest understanding of what will keep you safe during this pandemic.

There has been a lot of horror stories of companies selling masks and gloves that are not tried and tested to the relevant standards. Even using fake certification to lull the consumer into a false sense of security thinking they will be protected against the virus when in fact this could lead to even higher risk of infection.

We pride ourselves on only selling accredited and certified PPE to best protect our consumers from the virus. We have gifted out thousands of PPE to charities and organisations to help prevent the spread of this terrible virus and save lives to those who need it most or do not have the necessary funds to protect themselves.

Coler Medical are on hand day and night to provide you with quality information and product at a great price so please get in touch with us with any enquiry you may have and we’ll be more than happy to meet your requirements.