What Types of Hypochlorous Acid Dispensers Are There?

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) has become a popular disinfectant and cleaner in recent years and especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Available in forms including foam, gel, liquid, and mist a range of hypochlorous acid machines (dispensers) have emerged to safely dispense this vital healthcare product.

In this article, we investigate the various types of hypochlorous acid machines which are available on the market and also from Coler Medical PPE.

Dispensers versus machines

Just to be clear and avoid terminology confusion in this article we are referring to dispensers rather than machines. The distinction between the two terms is:

  • Hypochlorous acid dispenser – this is a term which describes a storage device that stores and dispenses hypochlorous acid, at the time it is required
  • Hypochlorous acid machine – this is a machine which chemically generates hypochlorous acid

Sanitiser dispenser types

There are numerous sanitiser dispenser types, which we summarise below. For convenience, we have provided examples of Coler products for some of the dispensers below:

1)    Wall mounted

Supplied (typically) with wall mounting fittings, these dispensers can be located on the walls of convenient locations such as bathrooms, receptions, in lifts, stairways, etc. A truly vast range of models are available which can be tailored to meet style requirements and also size limitations.

2)    Floor standing

In many settings (e.g., entrances to restaurants, cinemas, etc.) floor standing dispensers are ideal. Most models are supplied with adjustable height settings to suit the location.

3)    Standalone

Ideal for placing on a surface, standalone dispensers are too short to locate on the floor. These dispensers are free-standing and can be placed on desks, kitchen surfaces, etc.

4)    Portable

There are a range of portable solutions, which are ideal for storing in cars, handbags, purses, etc. Available in formats such as humidifiers, and atomisers, these portable sanitisers are perfect for family holidays, when visiting cinemas/restaurants, etc. and also mobile jobs such as drivers, district nurses, travelling salespeople, etc. Coler models – 20ml MIST-IFY Mistik Atomiser and 100ml MIST-IFY Micro humidifier

Methods of sanitiser delivery

As well as different sanitiser types, there are also various methods of sanitiser delivery which are summarised below:

1)    Touch-based

By far the most popular method of sanitiser delivery is in response to user touch. As a user touches the sanitiser dispenser the sanitiser is dispensed. The disadvantage with this method is that some viruses spread through touch, albeit the virus should be killed by the sanitiser upon contact

2)    Touchless

Available in various models, such as wall-mounted, floor-standing, standalone etc this is more about the method of delivery. When a user needs sanitiser, they simply place their hands in close proximity and sanitiser (liquid, gel, foam, or mist) is automatically dispensed without the need to touch. This in itself is a major benefit as many viruses (such as COVID-19) spread through contact. Coler models – 150ml MIST-IFY Mini and Five litres MIST-IFY Midi Magic.

3)    Automatic / time-based

Available in a mist format, the dispenser is programmed to automatically release sanitiser mist (often based on motion) into the air and/or could be time-based (e.g., every one or two minutes, etc.) Coler model – Thirteen litres MIST-IFY Midi Multi-function.

4)    Spray

Sanitiser is dispensed through spray. This is often through clicking a button/trigger, which releases fine sanitiser mist into the air. Coler model – 380ml MIST-IFY Nano.

MIST-IFY Midi Cold Fine Mist Multi-Function Sanitiser Unit | Coler Medical

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