What is Electrolysed Water?

Electrolysed water as a chemical has been known since the 1800s, mainly for its healthcare uses. In recent decades its uses have rapidly evolved. Read on to learn more about “what is electrolysed water” in our latest article. We also discuss the relationship between electrolysed water and our MISTIFY instant sanitiser.

What is electrolysed water – a Coler Medical PPE definition

Electrolysed water is made through the electrolysis of tap water with dissolved sodium chloride. The resultant formulation (“electrolysed water”) creates a solution comprising hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH – also called Lye or Caustic Soda).

Electrolysed water is a perfectly safe disinfectant to use, infact it is so safe it could even be drunk. It is a weak acid which has similarities to mild citrus juice and other mild acids. Once manufactured, electrolysed water remains stable for typically up to three days, with a gradual degradation each hour that passes.

Dictionary definitions

  1. Salt water is passed through an electrolysis unit to produce either acidic or alkaline electrolysed water. Acidic water has antibacterial activity and is used to wash foods in preference to chlorinated water; alkaline water is used to clean food preparation surfaces.” Source: Oxford Reference Dictionary

A brief history of electrolysed water

Electrolysed water has been in use since the 1800s, with an early adopter being the medical industry. Due to its disinfectant qualities, electrolysed water was used actively in field hospitals during World War One for wound treatment and disinfection. Used by hospitals in the decades that followed, the problem with electrolysed water was not manufacturing it, the problem was keeping it in a stable form.

There was a technological breakthrough in the 1980s in Japan, where stable versions were produced. The eventual solution has evolved as stable hypochlorous acid, which is what we sell here at Coler Medical PPE.

Comparing electrolysed water with MIST-IFY hypochlorous acid

The formula mentioned in our definition is electrolysed water in its simplest form. This is not exactly the same as our own MIST-IFY hypochlorous acid but there are many similarities.

“Electrolysed water” and “Hypochlorous Acid” are interchangeably used terms, simply stated electrolysed water is electrolysed water with added chlorine.

Applications and uses of hypochlorous acid

Stable hypochlorous acid has a very wide variety of applications and uses. Modern-day popular uses include health care and also in using as a sanitiser. Commenting back in December 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) published the following statement, “

HOCl has emerged in the current pandemic as the most potent and environmentally safe disinfectant available and with a wide range of efficacy against many human pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Used by many organisations for its non-toxicity and eco-friendliness, hypochlorous acid is popular in many industries. These include agriculture, cinemas, cruise ships, health care, laundries, restaurants, swimming pools, water treatment, and veterinary practices.

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We have written on the topic extensively at https://colermedical-ppe.com/five-applications-and-uses-of-hypochlorous-acid/ and suggest you read this article too.

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