What are the Qualities to Look for in Commercial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers?

There are many different commercial hand sanitiser dispensers available. Here are some of the main qualities to look for when choosing the best dispenser for your needs (N.B. these are qualities of the dispenser rather than the sanitiser itself).

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Hand sanitiser dispensers should seamlessly fit in, whatever the setting

Hand sanitiser dispenser qualities to look for

Here is a list of the many qualities to look for in commercial hand sanitiser dispensers:

  • Cost-effective – the dispenser is as cost-effective as possible and compares favourably to other dispensers
  • Environmentally-friendly – the dispenser is compatible with environmentally-friendly principles such as avoids individual use of plastics, enabling recycling, etc.
  • Floor-standing – the dispenser is able to freely stand on the floor and can be conveniently used when floor-standing
  • Mains operated – the dispenser has mains power and can quickly and cost-effectively be recharged
  • Portability – may include in-car operation
  • Quiet – the dispenser quietly operates and does not adversely affect the working environment through noise pollution
  • Recharging capability – if the dispenser is not mains operated it needs a recharging capability. This recharging needs to be as quick and cost-effective as possible
  • Refillable – the dispenser is designed to be refilled and it is convenient to do so
  • Sensor operated – the dispenser operates through sensors that allow the contactless dispensing of sanitiser
  • Simple to use – primarily, the dispenser needs to be simple to use! People have become familiar with many dispenser types, but your dispenser needs to be as easy as possible to use
  • Touchless – the dispenser operates contactlessly and dispenses sanitiser when it detects the presence of a user. This is often in the form of a mist, but could also be a gel or a foam
  • Wall-mounted – the dispenser can quickly and safely be mounted on a wall. Once mounted the dispenser is conveniently located for users to be able to dispense sanitiser

N.B. There is no one size fits all, which dispenser works best for you depends upon criteria such as available space, budget available, whether portability is important and other factors too.

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