What are the Different Types of Hand Sanitiser Dispensers?

In this article, we investigate the different types of hand sanitiser dispensers that are available on the market and also from Coler Medical PPE. These suit a range of requirements, and which one works best will depend on numerous factors.

Types of hand sanitiser consistencies

There is more than one type of hand sanitiser consistency. It is available as a foam, gel, liquid, or mist. The type of dispenser used can also depend on the type of instant sanitiser you initially buy.

Automatic or manual?

The first distinction between hand sanitiser dispensers is the method of operation. They can be either:

  • Automatic – controlled/programmable levels of sanitiser are dispensed automatically. The dispenser could be triggered by a sensor to dispense sanitiser when a person’s hands are ready or could be automatically triggered as fine mist at periodic intervals. Other methods of automatically dispensing are available too
  • Manual – this is where a person manually dispenses sanitiser. This could be through pouring or spraying for example

Portable dispensers

Perhaps the best type of dispensers are portable. They can be moved around as you require from room to room and are entirely portable.

Bottle dispensers

The simplest form of sanitiser is a bottle dispenser. The sanitiser is stored in a bottle and is manually dispensed when a person either pours or sprays the sanitiser.

Tabletop dispensers

These dispensers could be either manual or automatic and are hosted on a tabletop. Perfect for reception areas, entrances, or a work desk these dispensers vary in capacity and method of operation. The main principle though is that they are mounted on a tabletop.

Wall-mounted dispensers

This type of hand sanitiser dispenser is securely attached to walls typically through screws or perhaps tiles or glass through adhesive pads. These dispensers are ultra-convenient and maximise space, by attaching to wall areas that would otherwise be often unused.

They are perfect for corridors, staircases, reception areas, foyers, toilets, offices, and numerous other settings. Use these anywhere you have free wall space and a lot of people passing through. Wall-mounted dispensers can be either automatic or manual in their operation.

MIST-IFY Midi Cold Fine Mist Multi-Function Sanitiser Unit | Coler Medical
The MIST-IFY Midi Magic is a dispenser from Coler Medical PPE that can be wall-mounted

Free-standing dispensers

These are hand sanitiser units that stand in their own right. They can be used in many places and often are used in entrance places to shops, supermarkets, offices, hospital wards/clinics, etc.

Typically, heights are adjustable to cater for the audience, a smaller height setting could be applied where lots of children use the hand sanitiser dispenser or perhaps as an accessible sanitiser for wheelchair users. Many of these dispensers are also used outside, in such cases sturdier, weatherproof dispensers are needed.

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