What are the Advantages of Using Disinfectant Sprayers for Hand Sanitising?

Hand sanitisers are available in a range of formats including foam, gel, liquid, and sprays. There are merits of each but in this article, we explore some of the advantages of using disinfectant sprays. The emphasis here is on comparing sprays to other hand sanitiser methods, therefore benefits common to other application methods (e.g., gels and liquids) are not the focus.

Disinfectant sprayers

As this article is about disinfectant sprayers our focus is on alcohol-free disinfectants such as Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) and Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI). The spray from the sprayer is also often called “mist” and is ideal to use where there is no access to water.

1)    Portability

Perhaps the most important use of hand sanitiser spray is its portability. Hand sprayers come in various shapes and sizes and although they can be wall-mounted are often used “on the move.” Carry a hand sanitiser with you wherever you go and use it wherever you come into contact with a potentially contaminated surface.

This is ideal for use both domestically and in the workplace. Domestically store in bags and purses, in the workplace store in a desk, suitcase, toolbox, etc., for use whenever you need it!

2)    No mess

We have all used hand sanitisers and felt sticky and suffered from drips onto clothes and valuables. A disinfectant mist spray creates no mess, no stickiness, is drip-free and dries out a lot faster than other hand sanitiser methods.

3)    Refillable

In this environmentally-aware age, the fact that hand sanitiser disinfectant sprayers are refillable is a major benefit. Typically, the sprayer can easily be opened and refilled for repeated use, avoiding expensive packaging costs.

4) Kills surrounding airborne microbes

When a hand sanitising spray is used it also has the benefit of spraying disinfectant into the air. This kills any airborne viral aerosols (such as COVID-19) preventing inhalation and infection.

5)    Cleans objects too!

As well as cleaning hands, the sprayer can easily clean objects such as wallets, keys, tools, mobile phones, and tablets, desks, chairs, etc. Any of these will benefit from a fine mist application rather than using a foam or liquid, this is particularly the case with sensitive electronics.

6) Also use to clean surfaces

As well as hands, the hand sanitiser sprayer can also be used to clean surfaces such as sinks, work surfaces, toilets and anywhere decontamination is required.

7)    Fast to apply

Application is extremely fast and is ideal for applications “on the move” and where “time is of the essence.”

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