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Benefits of Using Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitisers

There are two main classifications of hand sanitisers, alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Although, these are both highly effective in the main priority of killing viruses, bacteria, and other germs there are many benefits of using alcohol-free hand sanitisers, which are discussed in this article. A common misconception Many people think that alcohol-based sanitisers are better than…

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Benefits of Instant Hand Sanitisers (Atomiser Sprays) for Skincare

Wearing face masks can lead to conditions such as maskne

Hand sanitisers have been in mainstream news recently as a part of the weaponry to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly the antiviral, antibacterial and pathogen killing virtues of hand sanitiser are well-known, but some hand sanitisers are also ideal for skincare too. We investigate the use of hand sanitisers in skincare in this article.…

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