MIST-IFY Midi Multi-Function Sanitiser Unit

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The MIST-IFY Midi has been designed to be simple to use with our MIST-IFY instant sanitiser. It creates a mist of fine micro droplets each 50 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair. There is no smell, mess or sticky residue and dries to the touch in seconds.

Ideal for your business, home or office.


MIST-IFY Midi Cold Fine Mist Spray Sanitiser Unit

  • Kills 99.99% of all harmful viruses (including Covid), bacteria, the common cold/flu and various germs – Laboratory proven
  • Approximately 100 times more effective than commonly used gels including standard household cleaning products and alcohol-based hand sanitisers.
  • 360° Degree sterilisation
  • Safer – non flammable, chemical free, safe on the face & hands and non corrosive. PH Neutral.
  • Built-in timer and Remote control operated
  • Quiet operation & Mains operated
  • Fine Micro Droplets so no leftover residue on electronics, surfaces or screens
  • Simple to use & Time Saving as it is quicker than doing it all by hand
  • No mess or pungent smell
  • 3 Output Options & 13 Litre Capacity
  • Dries quickly to the touch and no sticky residue
  • Kind on the planet and environment

MIST-IFY Midi Multi-Function Sanitiser Unit. This unit does not use steam, it is a cold fine mist spray.

The MIST-IFY Midi is an innovative system which allows you to disinfect a whole room without actually needing to go round spraying everything. It certainly is one of the most time saving and efficient pieces of equipment on the market for safeguarding your business and home against all viruses and bacteria.

We have designed the MIST-IFY Midi focusing on cost saving. We achieve maximum results with a minimum input, yielding a longer lasting usage time getting more out of your MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser.

Operated either with its dedicated remote control or programmable with its built-in timer, allowing you to program it to turn on & off when required.

Comes with built in Timer allowing up to 12 hours of timing modes automatically turning the unit off.

It also will detect the humidity of the environment that it is placed in when you set a humidity (between 60-90% ) is reached it will automatically turn off

Versatile – Includes two attachments

What’s more is that our MIST-IFY Midi unit comes with 2 attachments to aid versatility in different use cases.

  1. Attachment one: suitable for general hand sanitisation for those entering and leaving areas within the home or workplace – see video below
  2. Attachment two: allows the mist to exit the unit, thereby achieving 360° of sterilisation. Suitable for offices, receptions, restaurants and larger areas with an output of 1500 ml/hour.

The Ultrasonic cold mist system uses the principle of ultrasonic high frequency oscillation of 1.7 million times per second, atomising the sanitising liquid – MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser (Hypochlorous Acid – HOCl), into ultra-fine particles, 50 times smaller than a human hair.

Through the fan, the mist is diffused 360 degrees to all corners of the place to be purified. Thereby achieving 360 degrees of sterilisation, deodorisation and formaldehyde removal to let you have the cleanest air.



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