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Coler Medical PPE has assembled an excellent value for money range of hand sanitiser dispensers focusing on value for money, safety, convenience, and their effectiveness in killing viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

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About Coler Medical PPE hand Sanitiser dispensers

All hand sanitiser units (irrespective of which one(s) you buy) deliver the following benefits:

  • Designed to be with our MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser, this means:
    • 99% of all viruses, bacteria, pathogens, mould, and fungi are killed (including COVID-19), the common cold, influenza, E. coli, etc.,
    • Safety is guaranteed. Our instant sanitiser is non-flammable, 100% alcohol-free, chemical-free, and non-corrosive
    • There is no mess, sticky hands, residue, or pungent smells
  • They are eco-friendly and kind to the planet
  • They are suitable for all skin types, and can safely be used on hands, face, body as well as all surface types
  • Our dispensers all dispense fine micro droplets in a fog form (the sanitiser is not gel, liquid or foam based) to areas required
Mist-ify Mini Hand Sanitizer

MIST-IFY Mini Hand Sanitiser

From £16.36 excl VAT

From £19.63 incl VAT

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MIST-IFY Midi Magic


From £112.46 excl VAT

From £134.95 incl VAT

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Mist-ify Nano

MIST-IFY Nano Portable Hand Sanitiser Unit

From £48.00 excl VAT

From £57.60 incl VAT

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Mist-ify Midi Centre Aligned Front View With Remote

MIST-IFY Midi Multi-Function Sanitiser Unit

From £74.06 excl VAT

From £88.87 incl VAT

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What products are included in our range of MIST-IFY hand sanitiser dispensers?

The products available in our hand sanitiser dispensers range are summarised below.

These include automatic hand sanitiser dispensers as well as manually operated models:

MIST-IFY Mini Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

One of our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers, this unit is sensor-operated. Sanitiser mist is dispensed simply by the wave of a hand.

Use this dispenser for speedy and efficient hand sanitisation at home, in the office, or even in your car or transport vehicle.

This dispenser has a bottle capacity of 150ml, this is sufficient for around two hundred fine mist sprays.

Charging through a USB cable, this dispenser operates for up to four hours between charges. Click this link for further information.

MIST-IFY Micro Humidifier – Black or Silver

Buy this micro humidifier for its portability and convenience/simplicity of use.

As an added benefit, also receive 100ml of our instant sanitiser for FREE when you purchase this dispenser.

Helping to combat the effects of maskne, this dispenser is provided in a convenient body spray manually-operated format. This makes this dispenser perfect to use “on the go” and whilst travelling.

These droplets are microscopic and leave no residue on electronics, screens, surfaces, etc., Charging is through a USB cable, the humidifier is available in two models, black or silver.

MIST-IFY Midi Magic Automatic Touchless Dispenser

Safeguard everybody from viruses and bacteria with this innovative automatic touchless sensor-operated dispenser.

Quiet in operation, whilst being simple and convenient to use this dispenser can be programmed to dispense continuously or for a set number of seconds, whichever you prefer!

Buy this mains operated room fogger to sanitiser hands, face, body, and hard surfaces all the way up to entire rooms. This dispenser has an impressive five litres capacity and provides 360° degree sterilisation in its operating area. More information is available about this product here.

MIST-IFY Nano Portable Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Safeguard yourself and others with this dispenser which is designed with portability in mind.

With an excellent range of 2.5 metres, this portable sanitiser dispenser sprays mist via its spray gun method of operation.

Simple and convenient to use and with a respectable 380ml capacity, this dispenser is easy to refill and has an in-built anti-clogging filter to prevent impurities.

Charging is via mains supply two amp rated plug or via a USB cable (this is ideal for when you are on the move!)

The Nano portable hand sanitiser dispenser has a life of two hours of active usage between charges or up to one month on standby. Read additional information about this product by clicking this link.

MIST-IFY Midi Multi-Function Automatic Sanitiser Unit

As automatic hand sanitiser dispensers go this model truly is “multi-function”, we mean it!

Supplied with two attachments, this dispenser can be used for various purposes:

  • Attachment one: perfect for hand sanitisation for those entering and leaving an area
  • Attachment two: sprays mist from the dispenser achieving 360° of sterilisation to the area (room/office, etc.)

Automatic and quiet in its operation, this sanitiser dispenser is mains powered and is programmable with built-in timers to alter flows at various times of the day.

Designed for industrial use, this dispenser has a thirteen-litre sanitiser capacity and is ideal for bars, gyms, offices, places of worship, receptions, restaurants, and areas where large groups of people are present. Read additional information about this product here.

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