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Our MIST-IFY Instant Hand Sanitiser (Hypochlorous Acid - HOCl) is an exceptional liquid killing 99.999% of viruses & bacteria on contact. Our natural hand sanitiser is a safer alternative to chemical solutions and is alcohol free, environmentally friendly, made from 100% natural ingredients, vegan and halal certified.

HOCl is generated naturally by the human body as a defence mechanism to attack viruses’ bacteria and other pathogens.

If you have never heard of Hypochlorous Acid, mark our words, you soon will. While the ingredient isn’t exactly new, it's becoming a popular talking point in fighting infection. Our MIST-IFY Instant Hand Sanitiser is completely safe for people with sensitive skin and all ages, as well as pets. When used frequently as part of your daily routine, creates a safer and cleaner environment. We understand protecting ourselves and those around us is a top priority. In the advent of the recent pandemic, we are all facing many new challenges to ensure our premises, our property and ourselves remain clean and safe. Easy to use, convenient and perfectly safe for mothers with babies and children. Kitchen floors and other such surfaces including high chairs benefit from its gentle and effective action. Current studies show positive benefits to the skin & it is being used to treat a range of skin conditions such as acne & psoriasis. Purchase our MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser below

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MIST-IFY Instant Hand Sanitiser 500ml

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MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser 2.5L

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MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser 5L

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Instant Sanitiser - testing and use

MIST-IFY Instant Hand Sanitiser (Hypochlorous Acid - HOCl) has been tested in hospital microbiology departments across the world. Tests in independent UK labs prove compliance with all necessary certifications for both human and animal use. In business, we want to know our staff and visitors are safe and being protected from the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. It is commonly used as an antiseptic for cuts & scrapes as well as an antiseptic mouth wash in Dentistry.


MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser is a superior and effective sanitisation formula. It works by killing 99.999% of viruses and bacteria on contact. This natural hand sanitiser is more cost-effective than using alcohol-based sanitisers & is proven to be up to 100 times more effective than the majority of them.  The MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser has been designed to be used in our MISTIFY range of products:



Our mission is to spread the word about the many benefits of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) MIST-IFY Instant Hand Sanitiser.

And to hopefully see the success of our MIST-IFY range of products being used, enjoyed, and safeguarding everybody against not only this VIRUS but the everyday challenges we fight and will continue to fight in maintaining a healthy lifestyle we should all be able to enjoy.

MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser, kind to you, kind to our planet.



Using world leading technology that delivers the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process, MIST-IFY Instant Sanitiser delivers exactly what was wanted.

Each stage of production is rigorously monitored for both Hypochlorous Acid -HOCl and water quality ensuring that the product can perform to the highest expectations in all sectors. MIST-IFY Instant Hand Sanitiser has been rigorously tested in hospital microbiology departments worldwide, independent UK laboratories and complies with all necessary certification for both human and animal use. The MIST-IFY range of products and natural hand sanitisers are manufactured here in the UK by Coler Medical in our controlled laboratory. To exacting Standards:- FDA Approved, EPA Approved, EN1276 Certified, EN13727 Certified, EN14476 Certified, EN1500 Certified.