What Are Organic Hand Sanitisers?

There has been an ever-increasing trend in recent decades to move to organic products. At its heart, the move to organic is a shift to natural products and avoidance where possible of man-made synthetic products.

Most hand sanitisers are man-made and synthetic, we are sometimes asked “Can hand sanitisers be organic?” We explore the availability of organic hand sanitisers and natural hand sanitisers in our latest article.

100 percent organic
We all know about organic foods, but can hand sanitiser be 100% organic?

What does organic mean?

Just to set the record straight it is important to define what organic means before we can answer “Can hand sanitisers be organic?” According to Dictionary.com, a definition is:

Noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals, but that now includes all other compounds of carbon. 

Are organic products the same as all-natural products?

In theory, the terms “organic” and “all-natural” should be one and the same thing. An organic product is certainly natural, but the difference lies in regulation.

Organic products are tightly regulated in the UK, read the UK Government’s Organic food: labelling and advertising rules.

Essential qualities of natural hand sanitiser

For hand sanitiser to be organic or considered natural will need all of the following essential qualities:

  • Made with natural ingredients:
    • Does not contain alcohol (such as ethanol or propanol)
    • Is PH neutral
  • Non-toxic ingredients used (i.e., products that do not pollute rivers and the water table)
  • Preservatives and parabens free
  • Synthetic colour free and
  • Synthetic fragrance-free

Using MIST-IFY organic hand sanitiser

So, going back to our question “Can Hand Sanitisers be Organic?”, the answer is YES, provided all of the essential qualities are met. There are numerous natural hand sanitisers available on the market, one of them is MIST-IFY instant sanitiser from Coler Medical PPE.

When you buy MIST-IFY instant sanitiser, you buy a product that is 100% organic and is totally safe for the environment. Our instant sanitiser also meets ALL of the essential qualities above.

Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers | Protective PPE | Coler Medical PPE
Choose MIST-IFY instant sanitiser for a 100% organic hand sanitiser solution

Using Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) as its active ingredient means that our instant sanitiser is natural and organic. HOCl is a naturally-occurring acid produced by humans and other mammals as the first line of defence against invading microorganisms. For further information about HOCl read our detailed article: “What is hypochlorous acid and why you should use it?” Why use hand sanitisers filled with man-made flammable chemicals which are toxic to the environment when you can buy our organic product?

Buying organic hand sanitisers from Coler Medical PPE

Choose Coler Medical PPE and our MIST-IFY instant sanitiser as your hand sanitiser of choice. Our hypochlorous acid is entirely natural and can be totally relied upon for killing dangerous microorganisms. View our range online at our shop. If you need to contact us, call Coler on +44 (0) 1827 794 294 or send us an email at info@colermedical-ppe.co.uk. You can also complete our contact form here.

Image Credit: J4P4N