MP Shaun Bailey joins Coler and Lets-sanify in the grand opening of their new Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) production factory

On 26th November, Coler Medical PPE Limited and Lets-Sanify received great news in regard to opening our brand new, state of the art Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) production factory in Tipton.

All of us at Coler Medical PPE Limited are striving to not only prevent and kill COVID 19, but all harmful viruses and bacteria. Our mission with the help of our partnership with Lets-Sanify, is to serve within communities and share the Mist-ify range of fogging units and other PPE equipment to sanitise and keep you safe. Whether you choose to use your Mist-ify in a range of locations! Our Hypochlorous Acid Is scientifically proven to kill any harmful viruses, bacteria and especially in these unprecedented times, COVID 19.

MP Shaun Bailey joins Coler

Shaun Bailey MP began holding a meeting with the Managing Director of Coler Supply Solutions (Karl Barker), Lord Goddard of Stockport and other members of team. He later had a tour of the new factory. Shaun was blown away and impressed with the mist technology and the production of the wonder chemical HOCl produced and tested on site.

Shaun was also impressed by many other factors that came with the opening of the new factory and that is why he is now supporting Coler in their fight against COVID 19 and other viruses and bacteria.

Not only are we helping communities to keep everyone safe, but we are also bringing jobs to the local area and with this, we have a fantastic training academy to educate new students not only on our own projects ran in house but also a broader curriculum to get them into employment.

With this exciting news, we our looking forward to the future of Coler Medical PPE Limited and coming up with new innovations and expanding our company.