Why Your Business Should Invest in Commercial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

With the world slowly opening up again, commercial hand sanitiser dispensers are an essential investment for your business.  Coler Medical PPE brings to you an exciting range of sanitiser dispensers for various uses, ranging from in the car, at home and also in large scale commercial use.

Virus & Bacteria Protection

Automatic hand sanitiser stations are easy to install and use and provide an excellent way to ensure staff and customers have touch-free protection against bacteria and viruses.

With effective commercial hand sanitiser stations displayed around your facilities and asking staff and customers to sanitise on arrival, it displays a professional and responsible image. It also shows the promotion of good hygiene standards to reduce the risk of cross-infection. You will also dramatically reduce the spread of infection within your organisation.

Refillable and Economical

Many commercial hand sanitiser dispensers are refillable – meaning you only need to purchase additional sanitiser and ensure the machine is regularly topped up. This also prevents unnecessary product wastage, as a standardised amount is dispensed each time meaning it is much more economical, saving business costs as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Convenience in Heavy Traffic Areas

Hand sanitiser stations are very beneficial in heavy traffic areas such as offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, and schools.

They can be placed at key areas around the premises, covering entrances and exits, lifts, on different floors and anywhere that has a lot of daily foot-fall. Automatic dispensers need to be strategically placed to maximise the number of people who have access to sanitiser.

Good hand hygiene should be promoted with signage close to dispensers explaining how to use and encouraging hand washing as well as sanitisation.

Commercial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers office setting

Commercial Hand Sanitiser Station Options

Commercial hand sanitisers come in many different options to suit business requirements. These include small portable units, up to larger static remote-controlled units.

Coler Medical PPE has a large selection of disinfection systems perfect for all commercial environments. Our MIST-IFY range comprises both rechargeable & mains operated units. All are refillable and will kill 99.99% of all harmful viruses using the key ingredient Hypochlorous Acid.

Our instant sanitiser is approximately 100 times more effective than other commonly used gels and alcohol-based hand sanitisers. Many of our units have touchless, sensor operation and provide a cold fine mist spray that dries in seconds – a far nicer and less messy experience than liquid gels.


Our MIST-IFY Mini is perfect for use on tables, desks, meeting rooms, worktops and even in the car. It is an entirely automated sensor-operated disinfection machine. The Mini dispenses through the sanitiser mist and enables quick and effective disinfection with no contact necessary. The 150ml capacity is around enough for two hundred sprays of the mist.


Our MIST-IFI Nano is a portable hand sanitiser spray unit – it is simple and fast to use with a coverage of 2.5 metres. The fine micro-droplets have no leftover residue on electronics, surfaces, or screens. Charged through a USB Type C connection, the Nano allows 2 hours of use between charges and stays charged for a month when on standby.


The MIST-IFY Midi is a multi-function spray sanitiser unit to allow you to disinfect larger areas without the need to spray everything individually. With a thirteen litre capacity, the Midi is ideal to use in busy areas such as receptions and entrances. Quiet in its operation and charged through mains electricity. This unit is very convenient to operate, being remote control operated and also having a built-in timer.

Contacting Coler Medical PPE

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We hope you enjoyed this article and do go on to investigate our range of commercial hand sanitiser dispensers. You can also email us directly at info@colermedical-ppe.co.uk, we look forward to hearing from you!