How Can I Use Hypochlorous Acid as a Disinfectant?

Disinfectants are a vital healthcare product, protecting us all from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. A range of natural and chemically-manufactured disinfectants are available all of which have their own pros and cons.

Hypochlorous acid (also called HOCl) is produced naturally within mammals as an infection-prevention mechanism, in this article, Coler Medical PPE explores “how can I use hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant?”

Hypochlorous could be used for disinfecting public transport vehicles such as buses and trains
Hypochlorous could be used for disinfecting public transport vehicles such as buses and trains

Hypochlorous could be used for disinfecting public transport vehicles such as buses and trains

What is a disinfectant?

A disinfectant is simply a substance (e.g., creosote, hypochlorous acid, alcohol, etc.) that is applied to an inanimate object, which kills microorganisms but does not damage the object itself.

Hypochlorous acid is a disinfectant

People often ask: “can I disinfect with hypochlorous acid?” not actually realising it is a disinfectant! Here are examples of two highly-respected organisations that define HOCl as a disinfectant:

  1. NCBI – “
    An ideal disinfectant and sanitizer must be nontoxic to surface contact, noncorrosive, effective in various forms, and relatively inexpensive. HOCl may be the disinfectant of choice for coronaviruses
  2. World Health Organisation – “
    HOCl has emerged in the current pandemic as the most potent and environmentally safe disinfectant available and with a wide range of efficacy against many human pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

Qualities to look for in a disinfectant

Here are some qualities to insist on from your disinfectant of choice. Hypochlorous acid gives a tick in the box against each of these:

  • Efficacy – it kills microorganisms upon contact including high-resistance moulds, viruses, and bacteria highly effectively. It’s important to kill instantly to eliminate germ regeneration
  • Environmentally-friendly – use a disinfectant that is eco-friendly and generates no toxic waste when disposed
  • Natural – HOCl is so natural infact it is produced by white blood cells in humans (and other animals) and is non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive – the disinfectant must not corrode the surrounding material/object (e.g., use HOCl for surgical instrument soaking and removing biofilm from implants, etc.)
  • No PPE needed – use HOCl with no need for any PPE whatsoever, as there is no chemical residue. If swallowed it’s non-harmful (e.g., if swallowed as an accident by a child)
  • Quick and easy to use – the disinfectant needs to be quick to apply and very easy to use
  • Storage – store with confidence that HOCL is non-flammable and requires no special hazardous materials storage and distribution

As we said, hypochlorous acid meets all of the above criterion. Why not browse through the Coler Medical PPE shop and choose from some great hypochlorous acid products?

Use hypochlorous acid as a powerful disinfectant for hands
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