How Auto and Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispensers Reduce the Risk of Cross-Infection

Hand sanitisers are part of the “new normal,” but not all are sanitiser dispensing devices are equal. Particularly where communal sanitising is needed (bathrooms, receptions, entrances, lifts, etc.), organisations have realised that constant touching of the sanitiser is a risk itself (particularly in COVID-19 times). There has been a trend towards buying auto and touchless hand sanitisers that reduce cross-infection, they are the focus of this article.

MIST-IFY Midi Magic | Touchless Sanitiser | Coler Medical PPE

The MIST-IFY Midi from Coler Medical PPE is an example of a touchless hand sanitiser dispenser

What are auto and touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispensers?

Automatic hand sanitisers are a device that dispenses a measured dose of sanitiser without contact (i.e., are touchless). A sensor detects when a user’s hands are in proximity of the dispenser and delivers the dose. A primary purpose of automatic hand dispensers is to deliver a controlled measure of sanitiser, but the overriding objective is to stem the transmission of infectious diseases such as Covid-19, e-Coli, Influenza, and numerous others as well as moulds and fungi.

Why do touchless dispensers reduce cross-infection?

A major source of cross-infection arises from hands. Historically, hand-shaking was a major part of social etiquette, but since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic has almost disappeared as people recognise the associated risks. Although hand hygiene is better than it was, basic hand hygiene is still not sufficient to be protected from cross-infection from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

Hands can become contaminated in a number of ways. Examples include the more obvious handshaking, but also after using the bathroom, when coughing/sneezing, when using public items (cash machines, buttons, doors, handrails, phones, etc,), before/after handling raw foods, before/after treating wounds and cuts, after changing nappies, and after using public transport, etc.,

The two main ways that experts in health and science are recommending to reduce infections from spreading through hands are hand washing and hand sanitisers. Dispensers are ideal in areas where water access is limited (e.g., a reception). Automatic touchless hand sanitiser dispensers are the best type to use, we summarise the advantages below.

World Health Organisation WHO Handshaking Advice

World Health Organisation advice about risks of handshaking

Touchless hand sanitiser dispensers available from Coler Medical PPE

View the entire sanitiser dispenser range from Coler Medical PPE at this link. To summarise touchless models available from us are:

  • MIST-IFY-Mini-Hand-Sanitiser – an automatic sensor-operated sanitiser that dispenses sanitiser mist quickly and efficiently in any working environment
  • MIST-IFY Midi Magic – Simple and fast to use, it safeguards against all viruses and bacteria wherever you use it. Walk or place hands in the front of the sensor and the Midi dispenses sanitiser mist automatically to the programmed number of seconds
  • MIST-IFY-Midi Multi-Function Hand Sanitiser Unit – Ideal for businesses, offices, and homes this unit sprays fine microdroplets of sanitiser into the air as mist

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Image Credit: World Health Organisation