How Are Hypochlorous Acid Products Manufactured?

Hypochlorous acid is a naturally occurring product but is unstable for medium-long term storage in its usual form. A variety of scientific breakthroughs have been achieved in recent years enabling hypochlorous acid to be safely and stably manufactured in bulk quantities. Read on to learn more about the manufacturing of hypochlorous acid.

Why is hypochlorous acid manufactured?

As you will read from many of the articles on our company blog, hypochlorous acid (also called HOCl) is a miracle product and is naturally produced by humans and other animals as first line of defence against infections.

A weak acid HOCl effectively kills viruses, bacteria, mould, algae, fungus, and other pathogens instantly upon contact, whilst being harmless to humans and animals.

This unique combination of deadly effectiveness has seen its widespread use across many industries.

Degradation problem with historic manufacturing

Historic hypochlorous acid manufacturing revolves around the dissolving of chlorine in water. Two popular methods of achieving this have been:

  1. The electrochemical activation of a saturated saltwater solution (such as brine) and
  2. The disproportionation of chlorine gas in an alkaline solution

The main problem with producing HOCl by the above methods has been degradation and shelf life. Manufactured HOCl tends to degrade quickly (between 2-3 hours to two weeks maximum).

This made HOCl non-commercial and limited its use to locations where it could be generated locally and used quickly. Many organisations still manufacture HOCl this way locally.

Stability and storage breakthrough

In the last ten years, a scientific breakthrough has arisen that creates a stable formulation of HOCl, which can safely be stored for years. This radically changed commerciality and the need for onsite generation and storage.

We are not Scientists so did not want to explore the science behind the breakthrough in too much detail! Modern manufacturing creates air-free compositions of hypochlorous acid, which degrade massively less. This involves mixing water with chlorine in an air-free environment. This generates a proton (H+) in water and a hypochlorite anion which subsequently creates air-free hypochlorous acid.

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