Electrostatic Disinfection – How Does Spray Sanitising Work?

To many readers “electrostatic disinfection”, will be a new phrase, but a technology they should be familiar with. Operating to a similar principle to air fresheners, which have automatically sprayed for decades, spray sanitisers evolve one step further by removing odours whilst also disinfecting at the same time. So, if you are asking “what is electrostatic disinfection?”, we will explain as well as discuss how spray sanitising works.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

The electrostatic spray works through the process of spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto hands, surfaces, and other objects. The electrostatic spray works though a sanitiser that is combined with air that is atomised through an electrode within the spraying device. The released spray contains particles that are positively charged which helps them adhere to skin, objects, and surfaces.

Mist-ify Nano
Mist from the MIST-IFY Nano Portable Hand Sanitiser Unit

An alternative to wet and dry disinfection

When disinfecting hands, surfaces, and other objects traditionally dry or white disinfection techniques are used. These have their own merits, but electrostatic disinfection alternatively works through a fine mist and devices can be programmed to automatically dispense sanitiser at pre-determined times.

Electrostatic deep cleaning works well in many settings, but some obvious examples include healthcare facilities, offices, reception areas, scientific laboratories, schools, staff canteens, washrooms and anywhere that sanitisation would be valuable.

MIST-IFY Midi Magic | Touchless Sanitiser | Coler Medical PPE
The MIST-IFY Midi from Coler Medical PPE is a dispenser which electrostatically disinfects

Benefits of electrostatic disinfection

The benefits below specifically relate to the use of fogging machines and mist sprayers using electrostatic disinfection over and above other devices such as wet and dry sanitisers:

  • Automatic – the sanitiser is dispensed automatically through fine mist droplets
  • Disinfects entire environments – entire rooms/environments are continuously disinfected
  • Labour saving – as dispensing is automatic, no manual intervention is required, and this can actually save money on paying staff for cleaning
  • No mess – unlike some hand sanitisers that are sticky and messy, mist-based sanitisers generate no mess
  • Programmable – misting devices are programmable and can dispense mist at agreed intervals. Equally the device can be turned off entirely in periods where a location is not in use
  • Welfare benefits – staff, visitors and all parties noticing the automatic mist sanitiser will appreciate the thought behind it.
  • Whole body sanitisation – an entire person’s body is sanitised including their clothing, not just their hands (which is typically all that is sanitised)

Mist Hand sanitiser dispensers available from Coler Medical PPE

Our entire sanitiser dispenser range is available at this link. Touchless models which operate through electrostatic disinfection are:

All of the above products provide a fine fog/mist fifty times finer than human hair. This mist can absolutely safely be applied to your hands, face, body, and any surfaces required.

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