Disproving Five Common Myths About Using Antiviral Sanitiser Products

As in many areas of life, myths can grow and develop over a period of time. Myths can grow so much that they often appear easier to believe in the truth! Here at Coler Medical PPE, we are passionate about the use of antiviral sanitiser products. Therefore, here we expose five antiviral sanitiser myths for what they are and why these should not prevent day-to-day use of hand sanitisers.


Not all hand sanitisers are the same! Our answers are written with a view that MISTIFY Instant Sanitiser from Coler Medical PPE is used. Of course, there are many different formulas used to manufacture hand sanitisers. Our sanitiser is entirely natural and not alcohol-based. Before buying any sanitiser, we would recommend doing your research and thoroughly understanding the product you are buying.

1)    Myth 1 – sanitisers are not portable

Many people think that sanitisers are not portable, this myth is gradually reducing though as products in a variety of shapes and sizes are manufactured. There is now no reason to be without sanitiser wherever you go. Use sanitiser when travelling or in jobs on the move (e.g., Electricians, Plumbers, Emergency Service workers, etc.)

Coler Medical PPE for example, manufacture a wide range of sanitiser units. This includes static/wall-mounted models as well as mini and micro sanitisers which are perfect for storing in a purse, handbag, or suitcase.

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Hand sanitisers are portable, such as in this example of a Coler Medical PPE in-car product

2)    Myth 2 – Sanitisers dry out the skin

Many “so-called” experts have said in the past to be cautious of using sanitisers as they dry out the skin with repeated use. This is a partial truth if sanitisers with poor formulas are used but is not true to all products.

When using a product like MISTIFY’s instant sanitiser range, skin will not be dried out. Top-quality sanitisers are developed to avoid drying out the skin, the formulation is important. Our sanitiser is gentler on skin and hands than using water and soap and as ours is based on a natural formula it does not strip away essential skin fluids.

3)    Myth 3 – Sanitisers are messy and sticky

Some sanitiser formulations can indeed be messy and sticky. There is nothing worse than having hands that feel sticky long after you have tried to rub your hands dry. Once again, the formulation matters. Here at Coler Medical PPE our sanitiser rubs in easily dries quickly and some of our products are available in a mist version.

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Choose from a variety of antiviral sanitiser products at Coler Medical PPE

4)    Myth 4 – hand sanitisers create antibiotic resistance

Hand Sanitisers do not create antibiotic resistance. Hand sanitisers kill bacteria, viruses, and pathogens upon contact instantly. Germ cell membranes are destroyed meaning that there is nothing left behind to develop antibiotic resistance or mutate into “superbugs” and other variants.

5)    Myth 5 – hand sanitisers are a fire risk and should not be stored in cars

A myth has circulated that hand sanitisers are a fire risk, especially in cars. This is untrue, but vigilance should be practised to safely store hand sanitisers in a car. In 2020, NHS Property Services issued a statement saying do not store hand sanitiser in cars as they are a fire risk. Roy Wilsher, Chair of the National Fire Chief Council debunked this myth with the following statement:

We want to reassure people that this product will not combust if left in a car – even on the hottest day. For hand sanitiser to cause a fire it would need to come into contact with a spark. We advise people to ensure they store their hand sanitisers in vehicles safely, which includes keeping bottles closed and out of direct sunlight. such as in the glove box. This will ensure the contents do not deteriorate and means bottles cannot be magnified by the sun. Sanitiser should also be kept away from naked flame.

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