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At Coler Medical PPE we take the creation of our content very seriously, our content is carefully curated with pride over many hours. As a business, it is our intent to provide the best PPE-related content, which complements the products available to buy on our website. So, why not bookmark our news and blogs page to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest content.

All content on this website is unique, handcrafted by us and is our IP (intellectual property) and is intended for our sole use. We anticipate that all visitors to our website will read this copyright statement and ensure they comply with the requirements of this Copyright Statement.

We reserve the rights to all content published on this website

We reserve the rights to all content published on this website

Coler Medical PPE copyright ownership

Coler Medical PPE are exclusive copyright owners of Our copyright ownership includes the entire website including software code (specific to our site), photography, drawings and images, videos, audio clips, etc.,

Coler Medical PPE requests that our copyright is respected and that none of our content is used for commercial purposes. This includes “word for word” use, partial copying, tweaks, modified versions and in particular cloning of the entire site or areas of the site on external URLs.

Personal usage of Coler Medical PPE content

We are delighted if you wish to use our content for personal use, e.g., academic or research reasons, etc. Please feel free to print off content or download it. As long as the use is for personal reasons and is non-commercial, we permit the usage.

We encourage you to recommend our site and leave online reviews as well as sharing our home page URL and also blog posts through social media.

Request permission to reuse Coler Medical PPE content

We realise our content may be attractive for reuse. Please don’t just plagiarise our content, if you would like to use our content, please contact us. Our contact details are:

Coler Medical PPE

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Please contact us using the following methods:

We will endeavour to reply to all contact requests for the reuse of content ASAP. We reserve our right as content owners to refuse requests and are not obliged to provide a reason for the declination.

Rights to take legal action where copyright is breached

In cases where there is an evident breach of copyright, we reserve our right to take legal action.

We always endeavour to resolve the copyright infringement first. We will communicate with the website allegedly infringing our content and will ask for our copyrighted content to be removed with immediate effect. In cases where content is speedily removed no further action will be considered necessary.

Where our request to remove copyright-infringing content is ignored or declined, we may as the IP owners of the content decide to pursue legal action.

Have you seen Coler Medical PPE content published on the Internet?

As we have said our content is important to us and Coler Medical PPE will protect our copyright vigorously. If you believe you have seen any of our content “word for word” republished on another website, then please message us. We greatly appreciate your support. Upon receiving your message, we will investigate the possible copyright breach and act where necessary.

Making a copyright claim against Coler Medical PPE

Coler Medical PPE provides an abundance of information about PPE-related topics and our product range. Naturally, we research content topics on the Internet and create content from other sources but in our own words using our deep PPE sector knowledge. Our content is always plagiarism-checked prior to publication. If you believe that your content has been inadvertently breached, please get in touch, we take copyright issues very seriously. Please message us if you believe Coler Medical PPE have breached your copyright. We greatly appreciate your time taken in reading this copyright statement, please comply with this statement when using our website.


Last updated: 29th October 2021


Image Credit: Mike Seyfang