Buying Hand Sanitiser Refills in Bulk

Hand hygiene became at the forefront of everybody’s minds when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020. Hand sanitiser refills have become routine, a standard procurement task. For private individuals buying small amounts of hand sanitiser is fine. For organisations though the need for bulk buying of hand sanitiser needs to be seriously considered. Here we discuss some of the benefits of wholesale hand sanitiser buying.

Hand sanitiser refills – they are inevitable!

Whether you use manually-operated hand sanitisers or automated touchless models there is one fact that is inevitable, they will need refilling. Our advice is to plan your refilling strategy, particularly if you are a multi-location organisation.

Why bulk buying of hand sanitiser makes sense?

Listed below are just some of the reasons that bulk buying of hand sanitiser is a good idea:

  • Cheaper per unit – this is a major advantage of buying sanitiser in bulk. Usually, a deal can be negotiated if larger quantities are purchased
  • Guarantee of supply – another benefit of bulk buying is that you guarantee your supply. Historically, from time to time, there have been issues with hand sanitiser availability. Back in March to June 2020, there was a worldwide shortage of sanitiser due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, bulk buying has an added benefit of supply availability even in times of shortage due to a spike in demand
  • Inflation hedge – in times of rapid inflation, as we have now in mid-2022, buying sanitiser in bulk could be an inflation hedge. Sanitiser in general has a long shelf life, so if you buy in bulk, say three months’ worth or six months you protect yourself from price increases in this period. Also, in cases such as a pandemic, the price of sanitiser skyrocketed, and having a bulk supply would have partially protected against this
  • Ordering efficiency – ordering in bulk is much more administratively efficient than ordering at the time you run out. If sanitiser is ordered once for six months, it is c80% less administration than ordering for six months. Ordering and storing centrally for a multi-location organisation maximise this efficiency

Buying bulk containers

When buying hand sanitiser in bulk it can often be bought in larger bulk containers. For example, here at Coler Medical PPE, we sell our MIST-IFY instant sanitiser in both 2.5 litre and 5 litre sizes.

We also sell a 0.5 litre size, but to illustrate the bulk-buying discount you can only buy five of these (equal to 2.5 litres) for the price of our 5 litre container. In addition, buying in bulk makes products much easier to store.

Mist–ify instant sanitizer dispenser refill 5L Front label view
MIST-IFY instant sanitiser from Coler, our 5 litre size is the largest we sell

Buying wholesale hand sanitiser from Coler Medical PPE

Buying hand sanitiser refills from Coler Medical PPE is fairly straightforward, but we appreciate you may have some questions. Call Coler at +44 (0) 1827 794 294 to discuss our hypochlorous acid instant hand sanitiser and how it works. Send emails to or complete our contact form at this link.