Benefits of Using Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitisers

There are two main classifications of hand sanitisers, alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Although, these are both highly effective in the main priority of killing viruses, bacteria, and other germs there are many benefits of using alcohol-free hand sanitisers, which are discussed in this article.

A common misconception

Many people think that alcohol-based sanitisers are better than alcohol-free. However, many experts have stated that alcohol-free is at least as good as alcohol-based. For example, Benjamin Ogilvie a lead of a Brigham Young University project revealed

Our results indicate that alcohol-free hand sanitiser works just as well (as alcohol-based sanitisers), so we could, maybe even should, be using it to control COVID.

Listed below are some of the benefits of using alcohol-free hand sanitisers:

There are many reasons to use alcohol-free hand sanitisers
There are many reasons to use alcohol-free hand sanitisers

1)    Reduced risk of toxicity and cross-contamination

If alcohol-based sanitisers are ingested there is an evident alcohol toxicity hazard. This can particularly be a problem if bulk sanitiser is bought.

Keeping sanitised is all-important in this day and age, so having a bottle of sanitiser in easy reach (e.g., in your bag or purse) is important. Therefore, toxicity can be an issue if young children (or pets) gain easy access to a sanitiser bottle.

Alternatively, if a bag contains sanitiser it might spill onto other items, e.g., food, snacks, utensils, etc. This could result in unintentional ingestion, which is not desirable.

2)    Reduced skin irritation

This is all about the formulation, but many alcohol-based sanitisers have a well-known issue of drying and cracking the skin where there is repeated use. The main reason for this is that the strong alcohol levels needed to sanitise lead to irritation through the removal of essential oils associated with skin moisture.

Again, it all depends on the formula, but non-alcohol sanitisers are typically much kinder to the skin even with repeated use.

3)    No problems with religious beliefs

Although primarily aimed at prohibiting the drinking of alcohol some people do not like to use alcohol-based hand sanitisers on religious grounds.

4)    No fire risks

There is no fire risk with alcohol-free sanitisers whereas alcohol-based are typically highly flammable. This is not as much of a problem in small quantities, but if bulk sanitiser is used or stored this represents a fire hazard at home, in the office, in the factory, etc. In some countries, legislation applies banning or regulating the storage of alcohol-based sanitisers.

Does the hand sanitiser you use have alcohol in it?
Does the hand sanitiser you use have alcohol in it?

5)    Reduces the pressure on supplies of alcohol

Alcohol-based sanitisers are made typically from ethanol or isopropyl (also called IPA), rather than traditional brewing type alcohol. These alcohols are manufactured by a limited number of companies worldwide, which caused a major problem when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

As reported by the BBC back in April 2020, the world demand for hand sanitiser rose from three billion litres to thirty-five billion litres at the start of the pandemic. This caused serious issues with access to sanitiser and also a major spiralling in price as retailers and manufacturers cashed in on the shortage.

Therefore, another benefit of alcohol-free sanitisers is that it increases the overall world supply available through a different type of sanitiser being available.

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