Benefits of Instant Hand Sanitisers (Atomiser Sprays) for Skincare

Hand sanitisers have been in mainstream news recently as a part of the weaponry to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly the antiviral, antibacterial and pathogen killing virtues of hand sanitiser are well-known, but some hand sanitisers are also ideal for skincare too. We investigate the use of hand sanitisers in skincare in this article.

Hand sanitising sprays are not just for hands!

The term “hand sanitiser” is really a misdescription. Top-quality sanitiser can be applied across skin across the body including feet, legs, stomach, arms, and facial areas. These parts of the body will also benefit from the benefits of hand sanitisers described below.

Skincare with Hand Sanitisers
Top-quality hand sanitiser is an effective ally in hand and general skin care

Anti-bacterial/viral qualities

Whether using alcohol-based or alcohol-free hand sanitiser a major benefit is the cleansing of the skin from harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Sanitisers have been very effective in the battle against COVID and protect against a vast number of other illnesses. Hospital bugs such as C-DIF and MRSA have been found to be killed by hypochlorous acid (HOCI) atomiser sprays such as sold by us at Coler Medical PPE.

Warning: Always research the hand sanitiser you are buying for its anti-bacterial/viral qualities as they are not all the same! Our advice is to research the active ingredient of the atomiser spray independently of the manufacturer/retailer claims. For example, research hypochlorous acid (HOCI) and you will be pleased with what you learn!

Skin moisturising

Cleaning hands with chemicals can often strip the moisture out of them. Dry hands from washing up and everyday use can be moisturised through top-quality hand sanitiser such as we sell here at Coler Medical PPE. Moisturising agents such as Glycerin (and others) are added to hand sanitiser to add moisture to the skin. This leaves hands feeling smooth and soft.

Coler Medical PPE Hypochlorous Acid is 99.99% water, this is PH Neutral for the skin whilst also providing hydration and sanitisation too.

Soothing skin

Top-quality instant hand sanitisers can also soothe inflamed skin by reducing redness, calming inflammation, and adding nourishment to hands. Many hand sanitisers also have an added scent (e.g., lemon). This is optional and is heavily used in alcohol-based sanitisers to disguise alcohol smells. Coler Medical PPE hand sanitiser is 100% Alcohol Free and therefore doesn’t require scent.

Fighting maskne

Hand sanitiser can be used to combat maskne (mask acne), which has reached epidemic proportions in certain jobs where masks are worn for long periods (e.g., healthcare, care homes, restaurants, food manufacturing, etc,)

The moisturising and soothing qualities of top-quality hand sanitisers can be used to reduce/eliminate the damaging physical and psychological effects of maskne.

Not all hand sanitisers are the same

Many of the assumptions on this page are written with a view of buying top-quality hand sanitiser, such as the alcohol-free hypochlorous acid-based products we sell. Sadly, many hand sanitisers fall short of these skincare standards and we advise to research products you buy thoroughly before buying.

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