Are HOCl Sanitisers Safe for Humans?

HOCl (also called hypochlorous acid) has been in use for well over a century but irrespective here at Coler Medical PPE, we are still sometimes asked “Are HOCl sanitisers safe for humans?” We explore this topic and question in our latest article.

Hand sanitisers are heavily promoted to fight disease, but are they safe to use?
Hand sanitisers are heavily promoted to fight disease, but are they safe to use?

What is HOCl?

HOCl is a naturally occurring fusion of Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O) and Chlorine (CL). The three atomic elements merge together to create HOCl which is also called hypochlorous acid.

Naturally produced in the white cells of humans and other mammals, HOCl is used as the first line of defence by the immune system in fighting viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Historically HOCl was unstable to mass-produce, but due to recent scientific breakthroughs, stable versions of HOCl, which can be stored long-term are now available.

So, in answer to the broad question of this article “Are HOCl sanitisers safe to use?” the answer is a resounding YES, we explore the reasons why below.

HOCl is an entirely natural product

As we have said HOCl is an entirely natural product, so natural in fact that it is produced within the human body. Also, called electrolysed water HOCl avoid the use of harmful chemicals used by other alcohol-based sanitisers. Infact, HOCl is even safe to drink!

Chemicals such as ethanol, propanol, triclosan, etc. all have health risks as well as being hazardous if they escape into the environment. Additionally, harmful chemicals can be added to synthetic fragrances and whilst these smell nice, they create other issues.

Choose a sanitiser which is non-toxic

When you choose to use a HOCl sanitiser you choose a non-toxic sanitiser. Some sanitisers are labelled as “natural” and the majority of alcohol-based sanitisers have various issues with toxicity:

  • Allergies – many non-HOCl sanitisers trigger a variety of allergies
  • Cancer-causing – some sanitisers have carcinogenic chemicals within their formulation such as Benzene
  • Immune system issues – ingredients like Triclosan impair immune system health
  • Ingestion risks – effectively the vast majority of non-natural sanitisers are poisons (this will depend upon the formulation). If drunk in error (e.g., by children), serious health issues can arise, this has even caused deaths
Many sanitisers contain harmful toxic ingredients
Many sanitisers contain harmful toxic ingredients

Other health considerations

Some health considerations are not harmful but are more faith and belief based. Choose HOCl sanitisers for both a vegan lifestyle and also to comply with halal requirements.


Natural HOCl sanitisers contain no animal products such as gelatine in their formulation.


Natural HOCl sanitisers have no gelatine (i.e., originating from pork) and/or alcohol content.

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