ALERT! Nitrile Gloves Stock at Coler Medical PPE

Four 40-foot containers full of Nitrile Gloves has arrived at Coler Medical PPE limited TODAY! Companies all over the world who we are working very closely with are ordering more & more Nitrile gloves every day in preparation for the second wave.

Do not miss out on our fantastic deals we have on offer to keep you safe!

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Companies across the world are desperately trying to acquire and stockpile critical medical PPE equipment supplies. That is why here at Coler medical PPE we have a strong reliable source that we have built up for 35 years in our trading history and can conquer any challenge when companies are in desperate needs of vast quantities of Medical PPE dealing in quantities up to and over ten million boxes at a time.

When it comes to the quality of our products Coler Medical PPE have a very strict quality team on hand 24/7 ensuring the Medical PPE equipment is achieving each specification and standard designed to help protect wearers from Covid-19.

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