Advantages of Hand Sanitiser Stations vs Sanitiser Sprays

With the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitiser has emerged as an everyday item to be viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury. Sanitiser is available in various forms including foam, gel, liquid, and mist.

Diverse options are available for the storage of hand sanitisers. We explore here the advantages of using hand sanitiser stations and sanitiser sprays.

Benefits of hand sanitiser stations

There are numerous benefits which include:

  • Fixed location – the stations are located in fixed locations, which is ideal for familiarity with users. Locate stations in popular locations such as receptions, staircases, toilets, etc.
  • Range of designs – numerous designs are available including portable models, fixed position, as well as wall-mounted models
  • Stores larger quantities – stations typically store much higher levels of sanitiser with some models storing over ten litres
MIST-IFY Midi Cold Fine Mist Multi-Function Sanitiser Unit | Coler Medical

Benefits of sanitiser sprays

There are numerous benefits which include:

  • Compact – sprays such as atomisers and humidifiers are compact and convenient
  • Portability – have sanitiser wherever you are, these are perfect for storing in the car, handbags, purses, and suitcases, etc.

Use both stations and sprays

Whether it is for use at home, office in a factory, etc. there are potential roles for both sanitiser sprays and sanitiser stations. These should not be viewed as “one or the other,” instead both products should be bought as a weapon against harmful microorganisms (such as COVID-19).

For example, a business might have sanitiser stations at reception, in toilets and meeting rooms whilst equipping remote staff and travelling staff with portable sanitiser sprays.

Products available from Coler Medical PPE

There are a number of sanitiser products that you can buy from Coler Medical PPE, these are summarised below:

Hand sanitiser stations

The following hand sanitiser stations are all available:

Sanitiser sprays

The following sanitiser sprays are all available:

MIST-IFY Skin Care Sanitiser Products | Coler Medical PPE

Why not visit our shop page to view and buy any of products? This includes our hypochlorous acid instant sanitiser, which can be used to refill stations and sprays.

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