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Month: June 2022

What is Electrostatic Deep Cleaning in the Workplace?

“Electrostatic deep cleaning” may sound a bit futuristic, but it is a cleaning technology here now and available to use in the workplace. You may be unfamiliar with this new low-labour and highly effective cleaning method, so we investigate the technology here in more detail. Electrostatic cleaning – an overview Electrostatic cleaning is a process…

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Is Hand Sanitiser a Hazardous Product?

In recent years, hand sanitiser has gone from a fringe purchase to an everyday essential for many people. You may have heard some concerns expressed about the hazards and dangers of using sanitiser. We go on to ask and answer the question “Is hand sanitiser hazardous”? What is being hazardous? A definition of hazardous is:…

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Buying Hand Sanitiser Refills in Bulk

Hand hygiene became at the forefront of everybody’s minds when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020. Hand sanitiser refills have become routine, a standard procurement task. For private individuals buying small amounts of hand sanitiser is fine. For organisations though the need for bulk buying of hand sanitiser needs to be seriously considered. Here…

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What Are Organic Hand Sanitisers?

There has been an ever-increasing trend in recent decades to move to organic products. At its heart, the move to organic is a shift to natural products and avoidance where possible of man-made synthetic products. Most hand sanitisers are man-made and synthetic, we are sometimes asked “Can hand sanitisers be organic?” We explore the availability…

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Electrostatic Disinfection – How Does Spray Sanitising Work?

To many readers “electrostatic disinfection”, will be a new phrase, but a technology they should be familiar with. Operating to a similar principle to air fresheners, which have automatically sprayed for decades, spray sanitisers evolve one step further by removing odours whilst also disinfecting at the same time. So, if you are asking “what is…

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