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Month: December 2021

Glossary of Terms – Sanitiser and PPE Products (Part Two)

Welcome to part two, the concluding part of our two-part guide which explains various terms and phrases relating to sanitiser and PPE products. Read part one by clicking this link. Hand sanitiser Also known as hand rub and hand antiseptic, hand sanitiser is applied to hands primarily when access to soap and water is not…

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Glossary of Terms – Sanitiser and PPE Products (Part One)

This is part one of a two-part guide explaining various terms and phrases relating to sanitiser and PPE products. All terms are listed in alphabetical order. Read part two by clicking this link.  Active ingredient An active ingredient (as used in hand sanitisers for example) is the ingredient within a formulation that kills viruses, bacteria,…

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Reasons to Use Environmentally & Eco-friendly Hand Sanitisers

We all only have one planet earth and need to do our absolute best to protect it. Environmental issues are well-known and openly discussed. In this article, we explore the reasons why environmental & eco-friendly hand sanitisers should be used. Chemicals and ingredients that can be added to hand sanitisers Many chemicals can be added…

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Are Hand Sanitisers Natural & Vegan/Halal Friendly?

Over recent years and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitisers have become an item of everyday use. They are perfect for killing pathogens, mould, and fungi, but when we look beneath the label are hand sanitisers natural, vegan and halal-friendly? Coler Medical PPE investigates in our latest article. Natural Many hand sanitisers describe themselves…

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Advantages of Hand Sanitiser Stations vs Sanitiser Sprays

With the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitiser has emerged as an everyday item to be viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury. Sanitiser is available in various forms including foam, gel, liquid, and mist. Diverse options are available for the storage of hand sanitisers. We explore here the advantages of using hand sanitiser stations and…

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Can Hypochlorous Acid be Used as a Hand Sanitiser?

You may never have heard of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and probably do not know it’s used by some manufacturers within hand sanitiser products. But is it safe to use an acid that you are going to apply on your hands? Coler Medical PPE explores this topic in this article. Hypochlorous acid is entirely natural In…

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