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Month: November 2021

Benefits of Using Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitisers

There are two main classifications of hand sanitisers, alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Although, these are both highly effective in the main priority of killing viruses, bacteria, and other germs there are many benefits of using alcohol-free hand sanitisers, which are discussed in this article. A common misconception Many people think that alcohol-based sanitisers are better than…

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Do Industrial Hand Sanitisers Provide Effective Protection Against COVID-19?

We have all heard government messaging about taking effective action against COVID-19. Particular advice has included social distancing, working from home, wearing face masks and gloves (in certain work settings), and washing hands regularly. In this article, Coler Medical PPE explores another weapon in the fight against COVID-19 as we explore does hand sanitiser kill…

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Disproving Five Common Myths About Using Antiviral Sanitiser Products

As in many areas of life, myths can grow and develop over a period of time. Myths can grow so much that they often appear easier to believe in the truth! Here at Coler Medical PPE, we are passionate about the use of antiviral sanitiser products. Therefore, here we expose five antiviral sanitiser myths for…

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The Importance of Using Industrial Hand Sanitisers in the Hospitality Sector

Never has hygiene and cleanliness been as important as it is now across all of society, but this is particularly the case in the hospitality sector. With frequent customer interactions, the sector has often been in the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic. With rules in place for social distancing and hand hygiene, hospitality venues have…

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Five Applications and uses of Commercial Hand Sanitisers

Commercial hand sanitiser stations should be provided in areas where there is high footfall. This increases the chance of them being used and protects everybody from the risk of various viruses, bacteria, and germs, which we encounter every day. There is a unique requirement for prominent display whilst also retaining subtlety and blending into surroundings.…

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Hand Sanitisers

Since we launched Coler Medical PPE we have been asked numerous questions about hand sanitisers. So, we decided to create this FAQ page to trap our answers to some of the most common FAQs about hand sanitisers. If having read the article you have other questions, contact us as we will be looking to add…

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What are the Active Ingredients of Hand Sanitisers?

The active ingredient in hand sanitisers actively kills viruses such as COVID-19

In recent times with the COVID-19 pandemic in particular we have all become aware of the importance of clean hands. An alternative to water and soap that has become increasingly popular are hand sanitisers, but what are they made of exactly? Here we explore “what are the active ingredients of hand sanitisers?” What is an…

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Benefits of Instant Hand Sanitisers (Atomiser Sprays) for Skincare

Wearing face masks can lead to conditions such as maskne

Hand sanitisers have been in mainstream news recently as a part of the weaponry to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly the antiviral, antibacterial and pathogen killing virtues of hand sanitiser are well-known, but some hand sanitisers are also ideal for skincare too. We investigate the use of hand sanitisers in skincare in this article.…

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What are the Advantages of Using Disinfectant Sprayers for Hand Sanitising?

Mist-ify Mini Hand Sanitizer Right Aligned

Hand sanitisers are available in a range of formats including foam, gel, liquid, and sprays. There are merits of each but in this article, we explore some of the advantages of using disinfectant sprays. The emphasis here is on comparing sprays to other hand sanitiser methods, therefore benefits common to other application methods (e.g., gels…

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