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Month: September 2020

ALERT! New Nitrile Gloves Stock arrived at Coler Medical PPE Limited

Stock arrived at Coler medical Nitrile gloves

A 40-foot container full of Nitrile Gloves has arrived at Coler Medical PPE limited TODAY! Companies all over the world who we are working very closely with are ordering more & more Nitrile gloves every day in preparation of the second wave. Do not miss out on our fantastic deals we have on offer to…

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Are you using the correct standard Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile Gloves

Whether you work in medicine, food processing, automotive or body art, Nitrile gloves are necessary. But because they are single-use, wearers don’t think too hard about the glove’s composition. Nitrile is quickly becoming the material of choice for single-use gloves. The main reason is because unlike latex, which is a natural rubber, nitrile is synthetic…

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